Thursday, January 22, 2015

A fellow Ham - A master of the mobile rig

Jerry, VE6AB is a master at configuring mobile rigs... HF / VHF... he has several radios and antennas to setup anywhere on the road...

Gives me lots of ideas... Many of which were already noodling in my head, but now seeing it all in pictures sends the idea home. I like the idea of portability... while hiking or parked somewhere. Mind you I'm only a Tech level so VHF / UHF is my mainstay for now.... I have two battery setups to use as portable ops.

Great ideas for weather monitoring, satellite comm, antennas and portable configurations for backpacking, attache case size setups, APRS and a neat layout for driver seat device panel to lay on the steering wheel. (for use while NOT driving of course!)

Thanks to VA3QV for posting this find.

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