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To Do

Update Win 7 computer, install
  •    radio software
  •    Satellite tracking software
  •    SDR software to run RTLSDR usb stick  
Install new version of Linux  (Ham version)
Setup third LCD display, one for each, Mac, Linux, PC
Finish IBT (Iddy Bitty Radio Telescope)
Install VHF/UHF antenna on truck (more perm install)


To Make  / To Buy

J Pole Antenna  Done
2m/70cm lightweight portable yagi combo for satellite comms
6M vertical 1/2 wave(copper pipe) 5/8 wave 2M
Buy ribbon cable to make NorCal40 dipole antenna
   Cable acquired, on to making the antenna
Audio Distribution panel for all radios and computer hookups
Preselector panel for receivers
Dummy Load, ~10 W / 100 W range
      This looks interesting as you can tap the attenuated signal for an output check (f)

SWR Meter
Power Meter, low power for 2M/70cm  Got a Bird 43 off ebay

Morse key  Got a Bunnell antique and a Bencher BY-1 key off ebay

CW keyer This will be an Arduino design (NanoKeyer?)

Michigan Mighty Might (M3)
Wideband discone antenna for SDR radio

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